STOP PRESS Poblacht na h’Eireann WAR NEWS No. 2


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Thursday June 29th, 1922.

Full Scale Print of the original
Single Crown Paper size 20” x 30” (38cm x 51cm)
Hand Printed in Dublin on thin quality Paper not a facsimile copy
Line width 12 3/8”
Text length 18 15/16 ”
The Print remains true to all the original errors and peculiarities of the Origial Print and no editing spotting or cleaning up of the print has occured, with the various fount types all left unchanged.Throuhout the text there is varying amounts of shading inking and smudging, printed one side only, some fading, Very Rare document.
The Four Courts occupation began on the night of April 13 when two battalions of Dublin Brigade IRA under Rory O’Connor took it over, on the orders of the Republican Army Council. The building was barricaded, but an uneasy truce continued for over two months while various efforts were made to restore political unity. Eventually, under pressure from Britain and following the arrest by Republicans of ‘Ginger’ O’Connell, the Government’s deputy chief-of-staff, Collins reluctantly gave the order to attack.
The attack on the Four Courts signalled the real beginning of all-out civil war.
Important as it includes “Proclamation” signed by sixteen of the anti-Treaty commandants, accusing the Provisional Government of doing the bidding of the British Government in attacking the Four Courts Garrison. It concludes with warning ‘Beware! Beware of Black and Tans and British Soldiers dressed in Free State Uniforms.”

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