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SAOIRSE? depicts the Irish struggle for independence in the years 1919 to 1922 – as recorded by the newsfilm camera operators of the time and follows on from where Mise Éire leaves off, covering the War of Independence, the Truce and the Treaty, the establishment of the Free State and most tragically, the outbreak of the Civil War.
Dail Eireann 1919
Gap of Danger 1920
Civil War 1922

Morrison again collaborated with the great Seán O Riada who composed the sound track and brought the Archive film and images to life and instilled them with emotion. The composer’s full score is included here on a separate audio CD.

The original news reel films and images are edited together and enhanced by O Riada’s tense and subtle sound track to bring to life the destruction caused by the Auxilaries on Irish life and the turmoil in Irish society during the period and highlights the part played in the political events of those years by leaders, on all sides, such as Arthur Griffith, Michael Collins, Cathal Brugha, Richard Mulcahy, Tomás Mac Curtain, Terence Mac Swiney, Eamon de Valera, Sir James Craig, King George V, David Lloyd George, Lord Birkenhead and Winston Churchill . – All Regions DVD

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