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Beresford Place, showing the shelled remains of Liberty Hall, Headquarters of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union. Also the Headquarters of the Irish Citizen Army. It was in the basement of this building that the Proclamation of the Irish Republic was printed on Easter Sunday, by Liam O Briain, Michael J Molloy and Christopher J Brady. When the British entered the building they found the printing press still intact and some half print copies of the Proclamation. The adjacent Office Buildings and Brooks Cement Store received as much shelling from the British Gun Boat “The Helga. Liberty Hall was the first building to be targeted by the 9lbs Guns during Easter week. Three British soldiers stand Guard outside Liberty Hall.

Limited Edition High Quality image from the Original glass plate courtesy of (with Reproduction permission) the National Library of Ireland

Size 30cm x 20cm (12” x 8”)

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