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Irish Destiny is a 1926 film made in Ireland, directed by George Dewhurst and written by Isaac Eppel to mark the 10th anniversary of the Easter Rising.

The film was considered lost for many years until in 1991 a single surviving nitrate print was located by the Irish Film Institute in the United States’ Library of Congress. The institute’s archive had the film transferred to safety stock and restored. The institute then commissioned Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin to write a new score for the film.

Former members of the IRA were cast in the film and a former Dublin IRA leader, Kit O’Malley, was enrolled as military advisor to production.
IRISH DESTINY was banned by the British Board of Film Censors in 1926.

The film interweaves much actual newsreel footage of the period with the Black and Tans, the burning of Cork, and the burning of the Customs House in Dublin as well as key land marks of the city with dramatised scenes during the War of Independence

When the notorious “Black and Tans” arrive at his village of Clonmore, IRA man Denis O’Hara discovers a plan to raid a secret IRA meeting, and he races to Dublin to warn his colleagues. He reaches the city, but is shot and captured by British soldiers. Denis is imprisoned in Kildare, but manages to escape along with his fellow prisoners…….

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