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Sackville Street and Abbey Street corner east side, the shelled remains of the Hibernian Bank No. 12 & 13 Sackville St. The totally collapsed ruins of Charles L. Reis and Co., Fancy goods warehouse No. 10 & 11 Sackville St. to the right, and Robert Buckham Gentleman outfitters No. 14 and City and County Permanent Building Society No. 15 to the left. Two British soldiers with canes and cigarettes walk under the Sackville Street tram lines, a statue of William Smith O’Brien intact. In the Back ground the damage buildings stretch all the way to Lower Abbey Street caused by the shelling from the British Gun Boat “The Helga”.

Limited Edition High Quality image from the Original glass plate courtesy of (with Reproduction permission) the National Library of Ireland

Size 30cm x 20cm (12” x 8”)

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