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On 14 April 1922, about 200 anti-treaty IRA militants led by Rory O’Connor occupied the Four Courts in Dublin, resulting in a tense stand-off with the New Provisional Government. They wanted to spark a new armed confrontation with the British, which they hoped would bring down the Anglo-Irish Treaty. The Provisional Government came under pressure from the British to take action against the Four Courts Garrison following the assassination of Sir Henry Wilson in London on 22 June 1922.
Michael Collins Chief of Staff of the Free State Army accepted a British offer of artillery, and two 18 Pounder field guns were placed on Parliament Street and Winetavern Street, across the Liffey from the Four Courts complex, and after all negotiations had failed and a final ultimatum the bombardment of the Four Courts commenced at on the 28th of June marking the beginning of the bitter Irish Civil War.
High Quality image from the Original glass plate courtesy of, (with Reproduction permission) the National Library of Ireland

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